We at Valve Master strive to provide our customers with artisan-crafted performance parts for various vehicle makes and models. What started as a small business in Toronto, Canada, providing universal valved mufflers to an unprecedented marker has evolved to become a global leader in vehicle performance parts. With a focus on doing bespoke projects for special clients, we aim to treat all of our customers with respect, integrity, and the highest quality of customer service. 
Our exhaust systems use the highest-grade quality materials. All of our stainless steel exhausts are constructed of T304 stainless steel in a polished finish for a clean look and durability. Our titanium exhaust systems utilize grade 5 oven-anodized titanium, consisting of precise pie cuts for perfect fitment and durability. All of our exhaust systems are mandrel bent and aim to provide your vehicle with optimized gas flow, and flexibility between loud and quiet modes and are an absolute statement piece. 
Our passion for valved exhaust systems started with the increased presence of strict vehicle modification laws and regulations on a global scale. Vehicle enthusiasts around the globe are faced with law enforcement restricting our passion for vehicles and their true sound by increasing the presence of emissions laws. Our valved exhaust systems provide a flexible solution for customers to be able to switch between loud and quiet mode, this is sure to help prevent you from trouble from law enforcement. Valved exhaust systems also provide the flexibility for any vehicle to become a sleeper to an absolute beast with the click of a button.