Valve Master aims to provide the best customer service and support. Our main focus to treat our customers respectfully and help solve any issues you may have.
  • Please leave the product as is, do not try to modify to remove it. If a product issue is discovered after installation, do not remove the product. There must be confirmation to approve the claim. Problems can be easily fixed while it is still on the car; we like to first take a chance to address the matter and fix any issues which may have occured. Post-install products removed prior to return authorization will be denied any warranty claim.  
  • Any alterations or attempts to fix will void the warranty. This includes welding, bending, or any ad-hoc methods that alter the product in any way.
  • The Warranty is for the original owner only. If you have purchased the product secondhand, we will offer you a discount on what needs to be fixed or replaced.
  • Any installation/labor charges paid for replacement and warrantied parts, Valve Master is not held liable for compensation of these charges the customer may incur. Replacement parts installation charges and all installation and labor related charges are sole responsibility of the customer. 

All of our cat-back and axel-back systems include a 1 year manufacturer warranty. This covers all manufacturing defects and issues. Meaning, if there is a user error, installation error, we will deny the claim. Most common examples of claims which will be denied include: shooting flames and breaking the valve actuator and electronics, cutting the wiring for hardwiring purposes and blowing the fuse, welding or bending piping. All of which will be denied. We offer a manufacturer warranty, in order to claim a warranty, please email us with your order number, a description of the issue, as well as order details such as shipping address, telephone number and email used to make the purchase. We will assess the claim whether it is a manufacturer defect or not and will reply within 2-4 business days on how to proceed with the claim with warranty. This warranty is a non-transferrable warranty meaning it can only be applied to the original buyer. 

Because all systems are made to order, we have a no return and exchange policy. Though this is the case, be sure to email us with any issues you may have. Fitment of the universal valved mufflers is to be determined by the user who is buying the exhaust and the exhaust shop they plan to install it at. We have clearly stated these are UNIVERSAL, and hence every vehicle will need different modifications to be able to fit. A return fee will include the cost of shipping and handling, if your return is accepted. If you receive a damaged item we will start a claim with the shipping courier to help either provide you with a refund or help us send you a new product. Damaged goods are not basis for a refund if imposed by the shipping company. We will start a claim in order to get you a new product. Lost or stolen packages are not our responsibility of us either, please ensure you are home or someone will be able to receive the package when it arrived at your doorstep.