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With the F87 platform (M2C), we conducted endless testing to see which setup gave the best sound and tone without the horrible rasp these engines produce with a standard exhaust system. When taking unequal flow from the downpipes, the best way to retain enough backpressure and equalize the gasses is with a large single midpipe.

Our single 3.5" midpipe will offer users with a more clean sound, less rasp and more volume on the top end. 

Leading to our chambered muffler section, the valves can be operated via our remote and receiver kit provided with the purchase of this system. You may also chose to use the OEM valve function to operate, which will allow you to use the M1/M2 and drive mode selector to control the valves. Please note, if you use the OEM valve function, the valves do not open 100%, from factory these valves only open about 30%. This is why we include our own valve kit in the package, to allow you to open the valves completely and enjoy the greatest sounding exhaust for this platform. 


  • Full Catback System
  • Single 3.5" midpipe 
  • 2.75" mandrel bent and pie cut piping
  • TIG welded
  • Stainless is 14lbs lighter than the OEM system
  • Titanium is 34lbs lighter
  • All necessary hardware for installation included
  • 4 Exhaust Tips (please chose from options)



  • F87 M2 Competition 2018+
  • F87 M2CS 2020

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