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Valve Master presents to you our full catback valved exhaust for the G8X platform. The S58 has been awaiting an exhaust which serves its purpose, to be loud, obnoxious, and unleash the true tone of the S58 motor without the rasp. Our single 4" midpipe is the perfect solution to this, this large diameter midpipe helps equalize the flow from the unequal cats, making rasp non-existent and produces a unique deep tone. This is the only 4" midpipe on the market, and provides maximum flow over other competitors exhausts and midpipes. Our system also utilizes 3" piping for the rest of the exhaust, unlike other competitors. This exhaust system utilizes the factory valve operation, with the valves closed, the exhaust note is tamed, much like OEM. With the valves open, you can experience the exhilarating S58 tone. For those looking for the best sound with dyno tested performance, look no further. 



  • Full Catback & Axelback System
  • Midpipe diameter 4"
  • 3" mandrel bent and pie cut piping
  • Stainless is 22lbs lighter than the OEM system
  • Titanium is 54lbs lighter than the OEM system
  • All necessary hardware for installation
  • 4 Exhaust Tips for the rear (please choose from options)
  • Fits OEM & Aftermarket Downpipes 
  • Can be used with OEM valve function or our own supplied valves and remote kit. OEM valves do not open all the way, while our own kit will allow you to do so. You can also use aftermarket valve controllers along with our system! 


  • BMW M3 (G80) 
  • BMW M3 (G81) 
  • BMW M4 (G82) 
  • BMW M4 Cabriolet (G83)
  • BMW M3 (G80) X Drive (2021+) 
  • BMW M4 (G82) X Drive (2021+) 




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