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Valve Master presents to you our single mid-pipe upgrade for the G8X platform. Our mid-pipe aims to be loud, obnoxious, and unleash the true tone of the S58 motor without the rasp. Our single 4" mid-pipe is the perfect solution to this, this large diameter mid-pipe helps equalize the flow from the unequal cats, making rasp non-existent and produces a unique deep tone. This is the only 4" mid-pipe on the market, and provides maximum flow over other competitors exhausts and mid-pipes. This mid-pipe upgrade is perfect for those looking to wake up their G8X while retaining the OEM rear section, and want to achieve power gains and maximum volume. A cost effective and easy to install solution. 


  • Single Mid-pipe
  • Mid-pipe diameter 4"
  • All necessary hardware for installation
  • Fits OEM & Aftermarket Downpipes 
  • Increased flow and performance potential 


  • BMW M3 (G80) 
  • BMW M3 (G81) 
  • BMW M4 (G82) 
  • BMW M4 Cabriolet (G83)
  • BMW M3 (G80) X Drive (2021+) 
  • BMW M4 (G82) X Drive (2021+) 


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