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The E9X platform deserves a system with passion and durability, which is exactly why we wanted to take over this platform. Our valved systems allow you to have your E9X M3 be completely quiet, similar to OEM, but with the click of a button unleashes the beastly V8 S65 engine. Best of both worlds, ripping through the streets, mountains, canyons, or highway and hear the sound of the beautiful naturally aspirated V8, or have it quiet, perfect for transporting family and friends, partners who hate loud cars, getting rid of drone, early morning or late-night driving and most of all, staying safe from unwanted trouble from the police. 


  • Full Catback System
    • Test Pipes (Catless or Catted)
    • Midpipe (Quad-Res, Dual-Res or Non-Res) 
    • Valved Axelback Portion
    • 4 Tips 
  • Remote and Receiver
  • All Hardware and Clamps


Mid-Pipe Options

  • Non-Resonated (NOT FOR EVERYONE, this system features no restriction and is EXTREMELY loud)
  • Dual-Resonated (Most common, quiet with the valves closed but very loud with the valves open. Resonators placed before X-pipe. For those looking for a loud beast!)
  • Quad-Resonated (On the more tamed side, for those looking to wake their M3 up, but not be too crazy) 


The E9X M3 Catback system is a complete bolt-on. We utilize the highest grade stainless steel 304 to build a full polished system that mounts up and uses existing brackets and exhaust hangers. Also with the inclusion of a new option, anodized titanium. Weighs more than 50% lighter than the stainless steel, is guaranteed to reduce weight, and bring our a new tone from an exhaust system which you've never heard before, with a deep low tone while still maintaining the high RPM F1 sound, this is the best system for you! 

If you would like to wake the car up, while still being tamed and not as rowdy, we suggest going with the quad-resonated. With the strategic placement of the X-pipe closer to the front of the system, this helps reduce drone to almost none, while also creating a passageway for higher frequencies to exit the X-pipe bottleneck. This full titanium system also changes color as the exhaust heats up, you will notice the exhaust go from blue, to purple to almost a red tint. The valves utilize electric actuators which allow you to have your M3 sound like a beast, and with the click of a button be able to go to sounding completely stock. 

Our usual times to have the full exhaust system made is about 10-18 business days, sometimes delays may occur but we try to get the systems built and QA tested as soon as possible. Shipping times can vary by country but for most countries, the shipping time is 7-12 business days. The customer will have to pay a small duty and tax fee where the customer will be contacted via email, phone or SMS message. Once orders are placed, they will be marked as fulfilled once the exhaust has been shipped, and will be updated with the tracking number. Please allow up to 18 business days to look for a tracking number on your order. 


Sound Clips 

Titanium Non-Resonated Catback


Stainless Quad-Resonated Catback


Titanium Dual-Resonated Catback


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