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The R35 GTR is a JDM legend. As the continuation of the Nissan GTR series, the R35 is known for its potential and power capabilities. Powered by a turbocharged V6, this motor has a unique tone that is too quiet from the factory. The Valve Master system allows for performance gains, major weight savings, and no restriction for maximum flow. Coupled with electric valves, this system is a must for all R35 owners. The valved section towards the rear works on a diversion system, when the valves are open the exhaust will flow straight out of the tailpipes from the mid-pipe, and with the valves closed the exhaust flow goes into our muffler which will help detonate the sound to be almost completely quiet, just like the stock system. We decided to use vacuum valves for this system as the piping diameter is so large, which may cause electric valve modules to fail with such large exhaust flow. This exhaust does not utilize OEM valve control, and will require you to use a new valve controller and module provided by us. You will require a valve delete kit to ensure there are no CEL's when unplugging the valve on 2017+ models. 


  • Full cat-back system including Y-pipe mid-pipe
  • 3.5" or 4" Piping from the mid-pipe onwards 
  • 4 Tips included 
  • Remote and Receiver and vacuum lines
  • All hardware and clamps (extra included) 
  • Stainless option is 15lbs lighter than stock
  • Titanium option is 35lbs lighter than stock


  • R35 GTR (2009-2019)

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