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The Valve Master R8 V10 Gen 2 Exhaust System is a unique sounding exhaust guaranteed to make heads turn. Reminiscing the original Gallardo 5.0 engine, Valve Master utilizes 3" piping from the header out into the tailpipes with a diversion system into the muffler. The straight piped section features an X-pipe merge to help equalize gasses and create a synchronous flow out of the tailpipes. This system is offered in both a valved and straight pipe option, giving users the option to have the flexibility they desire. With the valves open, you will be able to experience the 5.2 liter symphony, with all the downshifts, shift blips and burbles, along with the pure V10 scream. With the valves closed, your R8 will sound stock. Our full anodized titanium exhaust gives the R8 a piece of art and adds character to the vehicle. 


  • Full Catback System 
  • Weight Savings 
    • Stainless Steel - 37lbs lighter than OEM
    • Titanium - 52lbs lighter than OEM
  • Power Gains (Without Tune)
    • 17HP Increase 
    • 15TQ Increase 
  • Valved & Straight Pipe Option Available
  • OEM Valve Function (Will use drive mode selector to open valves)
  • All necessary hardware included 


  • 2015 - 2023 R8 V10

***Please use options to specify whether your R8 is the facelift model, and please specify in the vehicle details section!***


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