Single Universal Valved Muffler

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Welcome to our Universal Valved Muffler Kits! The perfect way to make any vehicle have an option to be loud or quiet; by adding our valve technology you too can take control of your exhaust sound at the touch of a button! Stock like sound when valves are closed, but then roars to life when the system opens up.

Many companies have made these, we wanted to provide a product that had quality and a strong support system, hence we specifically designed the muffler to have stronger quality parts including a better and much stronger valve actuator, we included more cc compression in the diversion section of the muffler to make sure the car is as quiet as we can get when the valves are closed, while still maintaining a straight flow with the valves open, as well as including a symmetric inner diameter to the diversion! Not like cheap brands, we believe in quality and persistence to deliver the best sounding systems!

How to Install

These mufflers are very simple to be installed on your car's exhaust system. Once you have decided on the correct muffler you will need for your vehicle, take it to your local exhaust shop to have the muffler welded on. Once welded on, drill a hold from your spare tire area to the exhaust so you can run the vacuum lines, or you can find other ways of routing the vacuum lines through drain plugs in the trunk. Plug one end of the vacuum line into the mufflers valve, and the other end into the control unit. Finally, plug them into the control unit and plug the control unit into power. That's it. You are all valved up! 

**If you are using two mufflers or our T-Muffler with two valves, there is a supplied T-vacuum line splitter. Cut off a small bit of the vacuum line to connect one side of the T-Connector into the vacuum control box, and the other two ends will have a vacuum line plugged into each, going to both the separate valves**


Valved muffler(s), Controller Unit, vacuum lines for the muffler to the control unit, Cigarette lighter power adaptor, 2x Remotes

1 Year Warranty Included

*Modifications may be needed for some vehicles to fit!*


*Small customs fee will have to be paid by customer*

*These mufflers are operated via a VACUUM valve actuator!*


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