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The Valve Master Urus Exhaust System is the perfect exhaust for users looking to wake up their Urus, while maintaining control and flexibility. The Urus was designed as a sport luxury SUV, but the one thing it lacked was sound. The Valve Master exhaust system is sure to provide users with a clean, deep, throaty tone. This system utilizes 2.75" piping from the cats all the way to the muffler, with no restriction, allowing for better gasses flow and power potential. Paired with our downpipes, this exhaust can help transform your Urus into an absolute beast. Available in a catless and sport catted option, our heat shielded downpipes paired with a tune will help enable immense power gains and will enhance the sound even more, enabling all the shift blips, crackles and pops. Featuring a large valved muffler towards the rear, this system utilizes a remote to open and close the valves for full control over your exhaust. With the valves closed, your Urus will be in sleeper mode, quiet as stock. With the click of a button, open the valves and listen to the true tone the V8 was meant to have. 


  • Full Catback System 
  • Remote Controlled Electric Actuated Valves 
  • 2.75" Piping
  • Weight Savings 
    • Stainless Steel - 12lbs lighter than OEM
    • Titanium - 35lbs lighter than OEM
  • Power Gains
    • 85HP Increase (Downpipes, Exhaust & Tune)
    • 90TQ Increase (Downpipes, Exhaust & Tune)
  • 4 Tips
  • All necessary hardware 
  • Utilizes OEM mounting brackets


  • 2018-2023 Lamborghini Urus 

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